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13th Mar 2023

Live Podcast Announcement with Search with Candour - 19th April 2023 (during brightonSEO)

Podcasts, 'The SEO Mindset' and 'Search with Candour' have joined forces to bring to you a LIVE podcast titled, 'How to Deal with Anxiety at Conferences', sponsored by SISTRIX and Captivate.

Sarah, Tazmin and Jack, hosts of the above podcasts will be giving actionable tips and advice on how to deal with feelings of anxiety, for both attendees and speakers. They'll also be sharing their own experiences.

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How does a live podcast work?

The SEO Mindset and Search with Candour podcasts will be recording an episode which will be published on their podcast feeds. However, there is a twist!

This is no ordinary episode; it will be carried out in front of a live audience meaning that our community will be able to gain a snapshot into the production of both the SEO Mindset and Search With Candour podcasts.

There will also be an opportunity for a live Q&A to really help you be part of the process!

Once the episode has been recorded, it will be available on the usual podcast directories, such as Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music.

About The SEO Mindset Podcast

The SEO Mindset podcast gives actionable growth tips and development advice so that SEO professionals can optimise their careers, and not just the algorithms!

Each week hosts, Sarah McDowell and Tazmin Suleman, with the help of their guests, delve into important topics that are often not spoken about, sharing their own experiences, along with practical tips, guidance and advice. Topics covered so far include imposter syndrome, self-belief, anxiety, mindset etc.

About Search with Candour Podcast

Search With Candour features the latest SEO news and in-depth interviews with the world's best digital marketing professionals.

Each week, Jack Chambers-Ward is joined by one of the world’s leading SEO and PPC experts to discuss a topic of their choice ranging from broad topics such as avoiding burnout as a content creator and the importance of cultural understanding to more technical subjects like pagination in ecommerce and how to conduct SEO audits.

Once per month, Jack is joined by his co-host Mark Williams-Cook to host a live episode of the podcast recapping that previous month’s biggest SEO news stories.

Our main sponsor - SISTRIX

You may recognise SISTRIX as the sponsor from Search With Candour and we’re very excited to say that SISTRIX is also sponsoring this live podcast.

SISTRIX is the all-in-one SEO toolbox for those who want to succeed on Google, Amazon and Facebook. With SISTRIX's market-leading tools, you can optimise your website according to the latest Google guidelines, track competitors on Amazon and easily generate and easily perform research across Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.

You can try some of their free tools and a 7-day free trial of the SEO toolbox.

Some of the SISTRIX team will also be there in person to present the latest Visibility Leader awards.

Our drinks sponsor - Captivate

Each ticket includes a free drink, and we have the wonderful Captivate to thank for that!

Captivate are a podcast hosting company for the serious independent podcaster and creator, with a range of tools to help podcasters grow, monetize, market and simplify podcasting workflows and processes.

Check them out and sign up for a free 7-day trial, where you get access to the whole platform, including the highly rated 24/7 'human' support team.

About Silicon Brighton

Shout out to Silicon Brighton, who have helped make this event possible. They have been involved from the very start, and have helped us to find a great venue for the live podcast, and will be making sure everything runs smoothy from a tech perspective.

Silicon Brighton is a community-led initiative supporting digital growth in the South East, belieiving in Brighton, its people, and its potential.

Working hand-in-hand with the local tech community, they provide individuals with free opportunities for networking, training, up-skilling and development, helping them to take their careers and businesses forward.

Find out more about Silicon Brighton

About Projects

Also shoutout to Projects, who offer coworking spaces and memberships, along with meeting and event spaces, a podcast sute, cafes, bars and even a gym! The event will be taking place at one of Projects event spaces called, Projects The Lanes. It's an awesome space, and the team have been very accommodating for the event, even giving us a cheeky discount for hiring out one of the rooms!

At Projects, their mission is to provide a home for better business. They create and operate inspiring spaces that make everyone feel included. With 2 beautiful buildings open in the heart of Brighton and many more set to open across the UK, Projects is proud to house a community of collaborative businesses. They believe economic success can and should also have a positive impact on people and the planet. Through their spaces and programmes, they empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential, personally and professionally, within a supportive environment.

Find out more about Projects, by visiting their website. Get in touch to book a free trial day and experience their workspaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, podcast suite, cafes, bars and gym, plus meet our welcoming team and members: hello@projectsclub.co.uk.


Hi everyone. It's Sarah from the SEO Mindset podcast.


And it's Tazmin, also from the SEO Mindset podcast.


And Jack from the Search with Candour podcast.


We have a very exciting announcement. The SEO Mindset and Search with Candour Podcast are joining forces to bring you a live podcast titled, 'How to Deal with Anxiety When Attending Conferences'. We'll be recording an episode which will be published on both of our podcast feeds. However, as it's a live podcast, there is a twist. This is no ordinary episode. Oh no. It will be carried out in front of a live audience, meaning that our community, you, our listeners, will be able to gain a snapshot into the production of both the SEO Mindset and Search with Candour podcasts. And there'll even be an opportunity for a live question and answer session to really help you be part of the process. Obviously, once the episode has been recorded, it would be available on the usual podcast directories such as Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music.


So now for those all important details, who is it for? It's for both conference attendees and speakers who want to know how to deal with feelings of anxiety. We'll be there to give you practical tips, advice and share our own experiences. The event will be taking place at Project the Lanes on Wednesday the 19 April from 07:00 p.m. To 09:30 p.m. To get the tickets and my advice would be to get them quick. Follow the link in the show notes.


We're also very happy to announce that this live podcast event will be sponsored by both Sistrix and Captivate. You may recognise Sistrix as the main sponsor for the Search with Candour Podcast, and we're very excited to say that Sistrix will be sponsoring this live podcast as well. And some of the Sistrix team will actually be there live and in person to present the latest Visibility Leader Awards. The drinks for the evening, which are included in your ticket price, by the way, which is free, will be provided by the wonderful Captivate podcast hosting for the serious independent podcaster. Captivate includes a range of tools to help with the growth, monetization, marketing and efficiency of your podcast workflow. So if you're going to be in Brighton on the 19 April, please check out the link in the show notes for more information and to get your tickets now.


And to sound cheesy, once their gone, their gone...

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About the Podcast

The SEO Mindset Podcast
Personal growth tips to help you to optimise your SEO career and not just the algorithms!
The SEO Mindset is a weekly podcast that gives you actionable, personal growth and development tips, guidance and advice, to help you to optimise your SEO career and not just the algorithms.

The podcast is dedicated to talking about important topics that aren't often spoken about in the industry such as imposter syndrome, burnout, anxiety, self awareness etc. Sarah and Tazmin, along with their special guests highlight important topics, share own experiences as well as giving actionable solutions. Basically we have open, honest and frank conversations to help others in the industry.

Each week we cover topics specific to careers in the SEO industry but also broader topics. We will help you to not only build your inner confidence but to also thrive in your career.

Your hosts are Mindset Coach Tazmin Suleman and SEO Manager Sarah McDowell, who between them have over 20 years experience working in the industry.
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About your hosts

Sarah McDowell

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I've been in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for around 10 years, currently working as the SEO Manager at Captivate (part of Global), the world's only growth-orientated podcast host. I am a self-confessed SEO nerd (I find the industry fascinated and love learning how search engines like Google work) and a bit of a podcast addict (with this being the fourth podcast I have hosted). I am also a speaker and trainer. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

Tazmin Suleman

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I am a Life Coach, helping people grow and thrive, however my background has included careers in Development, Data Integrity and SEO. Through coaching, mentoring and teaching I help people build happier more fulfilling professional and personal lives by changing their mindset and habits. I teach courses on these topics and have incorporated a lot of the teachings in this podcast. I hope you find it useful.